The products that we currently offer are:

  • Practice Planner - designed to fill the gap between a traditional, pencil-and-diary-based planner and a fully automated medical software suite. Click here for more details

  • Practice Planner Lite - a cut-down edition of Practice Planner, designed to focus on appointment tracking without the billing component. Click here for more details

  • Studio Planner - a booking and billing system designed for instructor-led classes such as pilates, yoga, and personal training. Click here for more details

  • Episode Tracker - software designed to meet the reporting requirements for the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) for the National Illicit Drug Strategy (NIDS) program. Click here for more details


  • Addresses specific industry requirements

  • Able to be adapted to individual needs

  • Easy to use backup and restore systems

  • Simple, yet powerful, interfaces

  • Online program updates