Practice Planner Licence Pricing ($AU): 

  • Practice Planner - Five (5) Booking Diary Licence                $ 2200 (Inc GST)

  • Practice Planner - Single (1) Booking Diary Licence             $1900 (Inc GST)

  • Additional Booking Diary Licence (each)                                   $ 110 (Inc GST)

  • Additional Workstation Licencing (local office network)      $ 440 (Inc GST)

  • Yearly Licence Subscription (inc GST):

    • Single computer:                                                    $ 330
    • Two to Three local network computers:             $ 440
    • Four to Six local network computers:                 $ 660
    • Seven to Nine local network computers:           $ 880

  • Contact DNA Programming for subscription licencing for custom Practice Planner configurations
    A licence purchase paying by installments is available pending approval
    For any other pricing email
    All prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.


  • Easy to understand pricing models

  • A single Booking Diary Licence allows one Practitioner/Trainer to manage their bookings, treatments and payments

  • Additional Booking Diary licencing is available for Practices with more that 5 Practitioners/Trainers

  • Additional Workstation licences are available for accessing Practitioner/Trainer booking diaries in an office, from more than one computer at the same time

  • All products have an initial purchase price and an annual subscription - calculated upon a combination of the base product and the additional Practitioner/Trainer licence configuration 

  • The annual (yearly) subscription provides access to software updates plus limited phone and email support