Practice Planner SMS Payment Options - Credit Card Payment via Paypal.

The Practice Planner SMS functionality is an additional fee for service item for FULLY REGISTERED AND CURRENTLY SUBSCRIBED AND LICENCED VERSIONS OF PRACTICE PLANNER ONLY. (see SMS instructions and details at the bottom of this page)

Practice Planner $29.58 SMS credit deal (includes 120 SMS message credit)
Practice Planner $49.98 SMS credit deal (includes 200 SMS message credit)
Practice Planner $100.98 SMS credit deal (includes 440 SMS message credit)
Practice Planner other SMS credit payment (SMS message credit to be advised on payment)

Please note that there is a 2% credit card processing fee for each transaction.

Select an Practice Planner SMS credit payment plan above for credits and press the buy now paypal button. You will then be transferred to paypal with payment details prepopulated into the paypal based screen.(Each Paypal - buy now button will automatically fill in the amount due for the selected SMS credit plan). Fill in your email address and credit card details; then verify the details before pressing the pay now button. You will be emailed a receipt after payment has been made.

SMS Details:
The Practice Planner SMS credit purchase is a monthly based service. Any payments for specific plans, unless specified, is to be used within ONE MONTH of purchase. Any remaining credit for the month is not transferable between months (SMS credits do not accumulate across months) Please note that SMS credit payments are accepted via cash, cheque, bank deposit or via paypal.


  • Payments can be made via cash, cheque, direct deposit and credit card; depending upon your organisation's preferred payment method(s).

  • And of course, gifts of funds are accepted at any time for no reason at all. But please be aware, as DNA Programming is not a registered charity organisation, there is no tax deduction applicable for the contributing organisation; AND the funds will be used to fund employee moral boosting events such as hiking, bike riding, sky diving, snowboarding and skiing and maybe, if there is enough time left, a few professional development courses.