DNA Programming is an application solution company that provides relevant, reliable and upgradable software solutions to organizations of any size.

A prime philosophy of DNA Programming is to design applications that maximize the Return on Investment for client organizations through the utilization of Information Technology. To this end DNA Programming provides a number of solutions via downloadable trial versions of application software for short-term evaluation. This ensures capital investment is directed towards software that has a proven effect in the business environment.

More importantly DNA Programming has the aim of positioning itself as an Australian based business that provides solutions to Australian and international clients. DNA Programming is currently positioning itself as a provider of quality products, built with a strong business ethic and client focus.


  • 15-July-2009 - Episode Tracker has been developed to include multiple programs of treatment for rehabilitation clients.

  • 29-January-2009 - Episode Tracker is now able to be accessed from remote offices using Windows Terminal Services.

  • 02-Sept-2008 - Practice Planner supports up to 5 concurrent client appointments per Practitioner!

  • 15-July-2008 - Practice Planner now supports the waitlisting of clients!

  • 08-Jan-2008 - The fully registered version of Practice Planner supports SMS appointment reminders and replies!

  • 20-May-2007 - !UPDATE! G15 applications are no longer hosted on this website

  • 30-Oct-2005 - Automatic program updates now enabled through all DNA Programming software, including Practice Planner, Practice Planner Lite, and Studio Planner.

  • 20-Oct-2005 - Studio Planner completed. Get your trial copy now!

  • 30-Mar-2004 - Episode Tracker completed.

  • 12-Dec-2003 - Practice Planner 1.0 released.